Goodbye Iceni Earth

An update from the founders.

The end of this era

Iceni Earth started as an idea that we could help farmers understand their impact on nature. It was two brothers connecting on a shared mission.


The Iceni tribe originated from East Anglia, where Jamie and I grew up. Famous for an Iron Age revolt against the Romans. This idea of revolution fit our early thinking on what the company should be; we saw the systems that we currently have for land management and recognised that they’re not set up for the challenges of our time.

Revolution by another name is disruption; it's looking at a long accepted system or a process and achieving a radical change. Digital technology is one of the few industries that can enable a systemic disruption in other industries, and one with the ability to scale. But where disruption scales, revolutions can burn out in a blaze of furore. 

But our organisation doesn’t exist to burn out. It exists to tackle the nature-climate crisis, the most disruptive phenomenon our generation has seen. The disruption is resulting how our changing environment is now affecting policy, opportunities and regulation. Our job has therefore changed. We are not here to start a revolution – it’s already happening. We’re here to enable land-based industry to navigate it as fast and as comprehensively as possible.


Over the last year we’ve added a host of features and functionalities to our platform to enable an increasing number of organisations to understand biodiversity. Some of these include mapping functionality, PlantID, and the ability to record and evidence management actions, amongst others.

Most importantly, our team has grown into a pragmatic group of innovators and problem solvers that span the environmental and tech fields. We’re more ambitious in our goals, but more practical and focused in our solutions.

This growth and change has made us realise that our identity didn’t feel quite right. Our name didn’t represent our core mission or our north star, or the new talent that joined that mission.

So we have evolved.

Get to know biodiversity

Now, we help the land industry to map, measure and manage biodiversity. 

We enable compliance with regulation such as Biodiversity Net Gain and help farmers boost nature.

We’re a platform for local councils, land developers, ecologists, land managers and farmers to share evidence. It's going to take all of us. 

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