Nature's Super App

Understand, improve and share information on biodiversity on your land, on your terms.

How it works

With our app farmers and land managers can set a biodiversity baseline and track improvements over time.

Assess your land

Take our app out into the field to baseline habitats like hedgerows, field margins, woodland and more.

Get a score

We'll show you a biodiversity score so you know what stage you're at.

Improve and access payments

Get built-in advice to improve and get paid through farm payments.

Easily assess habitats

Baseline your farm for biodiversity and carbon emissions with intuitive features designed and built with users. All measurements align to DEFRA-recognised metrics.

Map happy

Create a digital map of your fields and habitats.

No ID-ea?

Use the built-in PlantID function to identify plants you don't know.

Take control of land management

We gather and share the best advice from the best organisations to show you what you can do to hit your sustainable land management goals.

Whole farm biodiversity audits

Measure biodiversity across your farm and get clarity on potential improvements

Habitat management

Get advice on species and structure for the habitats on your land.

Own your Data

Reduce paperwork by sharing data directly with your buyers and advisors that join the platform.Goodbye emails and spreadsheets, hello free time!

One-click data sharing

Select your partners from the list and share data with the touch of a button.

Secure and safe

Our network is permissioned, so your partners only see what you want, when you want.

Our work supporting farmers

We work with farmers, land managers and government agencies
to make biodiversity monitoring farmer-friendly.

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