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Great features you'll love

Map happy

Drawing polygons, lines and adding points has never been so easy.

Our system comes pre-loaded with BNG-UKhab classification so you can jump right into your projects

Go further together

Collaborate on-site plans with your clients with our multi-user functions. Work through projects with your team and clients.

Save time with shortcuts

Get a head start with our Magic Mapping. We divide up all the fields with just a click!

A field app for accuracy

Edit maps, complete DEFRA Metric assessments, and upload notes and photos on-site. No signal? No problem, switch to offline mode.

Uncover unit scenarios

Quickly explore biodiversity unit scenarios based on your app data.

Explore options with your clients in real-time.

Work seamlessly with DWG

Drag and drop landscape architect files and use them to guide your proposed BNG plan

Maximise Management

Create management plans for the sites, then monitor and track changes in the app.

Easy Exporting

Extract your data directly into the DEFRA BNG Metric spreadsheet for submissions & ready-to-share PDFs.

and so much more...

"It's like magic"

Our community loves how easy it is to map, measure and manage a site with Sabbio

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